Windfarm Plans

As you may know, Scottish Power are proceeding with proposals for two new wind farms off the coast of Southwold, to be known as East Anglia One and Two. These will be made up of 75 giant turbines (300 metres high) some as close as 20 miles from our coast. Most of our committee support the development of wind power as part of the move to renewable energy but we have a range of concerns about the visual and other impacts of these plans. We will be discussing this in detail when the committee meets in November and would be pleased to hear from members in the meantime with your views.

Excellence Awards

Once again, we have come to that time of year when we ask you to put on your thinking caps. Can you think of anyone or any organisation locally who merits an Excellence Award – for an outstanding contribution to our community? If so, please obtain a nomination form and the accompanying notes from our website ( or from Brian Harrild (01502 724298). The closing date is 31st January 2020 and the awards will be presented at our AGM in April.

Sizewell C

We have responded to the latest consultation. We have argued for the maximum possible use of public transport to and from Sizewell, both for people and goods/materials. This would require EDF to adopt a rail-led strategy and we have questioned why this is estimated to be £80m more expensive than a road-based approach. The potential traffic congestion and general blight of our tourist economy which will arise from a road-based strategy continues to be a major concern.

Good News for Cyclists!

We are delighted that new bike parking racks are now in operation in Southwold at the back of the Town Hall. As in the past, these can be accessed via the Swan Yard which is entered through the arch between the Town Hall and the hotel. We all now have one less excuse not to use out cycles for trips into Southwold – good for our health, our environment too….

Committee Members Needed.

We have vacancies on our Committee which meets monthly on the first Friday morning of the month and takes on the work to track local issues and argue for actions needed to maintain and improve the quality of our local amenities and help us sustain a thriving community. If you would like to find out more, please contact our Chairman, Ridley Burnett on 01502 725489 or at

                                                          Philip O’Hear, Secretary