Nominations for the 2017 Excellence Awards are now open and entry forms are available for download in PDF Format here.

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The Society's Annual Excellence Awards are given to an individual, a group or a business for inspired and excellent contributions to the Southwold and Reydon environment or experience. This year's awards were presented by Southwold's Deputy Mayor, Councillor Ann Betts and went to:

Stephen Wolfenden whose three books on "The Town" are a unique photographic historical record of local businesses and characters which have contributed significantly to the Town's reputation for being slightly different and special. He is also photographer to the Southwold Summer Theatre providing images for the programmes and for display in the theatre itself.


Mike Mayhew who for many years has been President and Chairman of the Southwold Allotments Association and a large part of his life has been devoted to helping run the allotments and turn them into the thriving venture they are today. He also serves on both the Reydon and Southwold Trusts. His award recognised his long service and commitment to local associations and charitable trusts.


Reverend "Rich" Henderson who recently completed a busy and full six years as vicar in Reydon, working both with the church and many aspects of village life. His ability to reach out to all in the community without fear or favour made him a greatly respected figure and anyone who needed help of any kind would readily find that help from him. His award recognised his dedicated service and support to the local community.


The Southwold Lifeboat Crew and Fundraisiers who provide and support a 24/7 emergency service for those at peril on the sea entirely through their voluntary efforts. The crew undertake regular and rigorous training not only in all the work needed to manage their high-tech Atlantic class lifeboat but other skills such as first aid. The fundraisers undertake work all year round, including now running the lifeboat shop in Queen Street. Their award recognised this long and dedicated service.


Nomination forms for next year's awards can be found on our website

Philip O'Hear, Secretary