Nominations for the 2018 Excellence Awards are now open and entry forms are available for download in PDF Format here.

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The Society's Annual Excellence Awards are given to an individual, a group or a business for inspired and excellent contributions to the Southwold and Reydon environment or experience. This year's awards were presented by Southwold's Deputy Mayor, Councillor Ann Betts and went to:

Postman Ian Southgate has been delivering post in Southwold for a number of years and has built up a strong understanding with the more elderly residents and so is aware of their usual behaviour. As a result, if he notices any changes or anything unusual he will make enquiries with the neighbours to check. His general attention, community spirit and social conscience goes way above the general remit of a postman. It is pleasing to see that some still have the presence of mind to communicate with the customers and show social awareness. The award was presented to Ian Southgate in recognition of the interest he takes in the community and the exceptional service he provides. It was collected on his behalf by Guy Mitchell from Southwold Post Office. 

The First Southwold Scouts  celebrated their centenary in 2008 and the Cubs last year with the publication of a special booklet that included contributions from local former members and national figures including the Queen, two Prime Ministers and the Chief Scout. The Group Scout Leader Bob Mole has, since he took up the role, been the driving force behind the development of the Headquarters at Mights Bridge, it now having a new roof, wheelchair access and a front door you cannot miss. Bob and Alison Forward, the long serving Beaver Scout Leader, have worked to develop and keep scouting relevant for young people today whilst still providing them with important expertise, social skills and self-confidence at an early age. The award was presented to 1st Southwold Scout Group, founded in 1908 and still continuing to develop in 2017. It was collected by Bob Mole and Alison Forward.


Leading Bellringer Helen Price. It was just after the war as a teenager that Helen Price started to learn the intricate art of bellringing, which became a lifelong passion and has continued for 72 years and there is a brass plaque in St Edmunds ringing chamber that records this. She has been ringing bells in both Southwold and Reydon churches, for many years she was Ringing Master at St Edmunds Church and in 1996 was instrumental in the installation of a six-bell ring at St Margarets Church. She has also rung special peals on major occasions such as a royal birth when she led the bells being 'fired' and, at other times, peals of over 5000 changes. She is also an avid hand bell ringer, and has a group of young people who give performances at events around the area raising money for charities. Her skill and enthusiasm over the years has been the inspiration for many young and old to take up ringing for the enjoyment and satisfaction of mastering this tradition and continuing it into the 21st century.The award was presented to Helen Price in recognition of her lifelong dedication and service to bellringing in the community of Southwold & Reydon.


Southwold Shuttle Bus. The launch of the shuttle bus by Southwold Town Council took place on 1st May 2013. The drivers were all volunteers, Malcolm Brown and John Baker being some of the first along with Simon Tobin and Michael Ladd. When the numbers of drivers reduced in 2015 Adnams sponsored the drivers to be paid, Malcolm and John were still on board and Malcolm is still there to this day, a very loyal driver together with his relief Peter Newton and John as emergency backup. The service which runs all day Monday to Friday, excluding Tuesday, and Saturday mornings is operated by Southwold Town Council and, in addition to Adnams, is also sponsored by Suffolk County Council and Reydon Parish Council. The award was presented to Southwold Shuttle in recognition of its dependable service and invaluable benefit to the community and visitors and was collected by Malcolm Brown.